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Angela Hunter, ACIPR, Director


Birdsong NI PR - Angela HunterAngela set-up Birdsong Communications in September 2011 following a nine year career in PR, marketing and event management.

She began her career in local agencies Omnia Marketing Communications, Future Image and subsequently LJK Communications (formerly Peach PR) where she quickly progressed through the ranks from Account Assistant in a start-up business with two employees to a Senior Account Manager in a multi-award winning agency with multiple staff.

Throughout her career she has advised senior leaders of the business community in Northern Ireland across a range of sectors from public sector to corporate and B2B, as well as consumer communications at all levels, from start-up businesses to large PLCs.

Angela has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) for ten years and was a finalist in the Outstanding Young Communicator category of the 2009 CIPR Pride Awards. Angela.

Angela secured the Gold award for Birdsong Communications in the Outstanding Small Consultancy category of the 2012 CIPR Pride Awards.

An honours graduate from the University of Ulster, Angela is also a member of Women in Business.

In her spare time Angela enjoys spending time with her six-year-old Matthew, three-year-old Heidi and eight-year-old Golden Retriever Hollie.


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Nicola Marks: PR Consultant

Birdsong NI PR - NicolaNicola began her career in Publishing and Advertising in London and now has over 16 years’ experience in Public Relation in Northern Ireland.

Starting out in local PR agency Future Image Nicola quickly established herself as a bright, creative and enthusiastic employee, and in a short time was managing a number of key accounts, including Cantrell & Cochrane, Hollywood & Donnelly, Buttercrane Centre and bmi amongst others.

Nicola managed accounts operating in a variety of industries and took on tasks including sponsorship PR management, strategic planning, creative writing, media relations, creative photography and event promotion.

In 2006 Nicola established 1 Vision PR and has been solely responsible for creating and delivering effective PR strategies for a of number of clients, these include; Medi Cosmetic, NICSSA, OpenFairways, Baby Face Marketing, Style Gallery, James Huish and Bespoke Belfast among others.

Nicola’s passion is with consumer lifestyle brands and her excellent relationships with the press and creative flair means she consistently delivers for her clients.

In her spare time Nicola enjoys spending time with her family, socialising with friends, occasionally visiting the gym, reading books and traveling.

A quiet word of thanks…(posted on 4th January 2016) 

Austin Hunter

1st March 1951 – 3rd December 2016

Before we trundle into another working year, I want to stop and say a public thank you to an exceptional man.

A man so special and so supportive to me in so many ways that words will never be enough.

A man who was instrumental in setting up Birdsong Communications and supportive from day one.

Austin Hunter, who was killed in an accident in Bahrain on the 3rd December 2016, was my dear father-in-law.

I will never forget that moment. That moment of desperate, deep pain and disbelief. Tragically, it was to be believed and the Hunter family’s world was instantly smashed into a million smithereens.

Even as I write this it doesn’t make it any more real.

Our worlds had been crushed. And as the news filtered out, we began to understand that so had everyone’s who ever knew him.

The outpouring of grief and support has been remarkable and I want to thank each one of you who got in touch with us to offer your support and condolences.

Austin was more than a father-in-law to me.

He was a friend, a mentor and a business partner on many different projects over the years.

Back in 2011, when I told him of my plans to leave my job and start my own business he couldn’t have been more supportive. He and my mother-in-law Jean called around immediately and he began to talk excitedly with me about the future. He came laden with books and stationary to ‘help get me started’. He also gave me a cheque for £500– my sole investor to this day. He even ordered me a hard-back copy of Sebastian Faulke’s, Birdsong – which still has pride of place in my office.

Austin and I worked on many different projects together – him bringing his political, media and crisis experience – me – well, I’m still not quite sure what I brought to the equation. We worked on many different campaigns and clients together, our work never really stopped, even when we went on our annual family holiday and he and I sat in our dressing gowns drafting statements and media responses to different crisis.

Our most recent project, just six weeks ago today, saw Austin, Nikki (Taggart) and I hold a training workshop to a company in Lisburn – we had the greatest of fun, we got the train up and back and the audience absolutely loved him. I got a lovely email from the MD of the company to say as much and to express all of their deep sadness at the news. Everywhere Austin went people loved him. He didn’t have to try hard, he was just an exceptional person of warmth and knowledge that you just couldn’t help but admire and like. At that event his ability to remember names shone – he remembered every person’s name in the room and had the owners of the business were in complete awe. On the train home, I asked him if he could teach me how to do that. He said with a glint in his eye ‘Awww, I’ll teach you some day.”

On that same train journey, Austin told me of a time when he once left a hat of his on a train – he said it wasn’t an expensive one, but he’d just got it and quite liked it. He phoned Translink afterwards and was told that a female conductor had found it and would post it back to him. He told me that he then wrote a letter to the CEO of Translink thanking the lady and recognizing her kindness. That letter was later published in the Translink magazine acknowledging the lady’s exceptional customer service. He said to me ‘it was a simple thing she did, and me writing a letter was a simple thing. I had spent money on the hat and would’ve quite liked it back. The lady deserved to be thanked and maybe she will do it again for another person as a result .She could have easily tossed the hat in the bin.” I remember thinking, what a lovely man you are. I am sure that lady was over the moon that her simple act had been recognised so publically and so appreciatively.

Whatever Austin did it was because he was a good person – he was the best of the best – he showed us all that being a decent human being comes above anything and everything. The simple act of thanking someone can mean so much to a person and should never be underestimated. The simple act of being kind, humble and grateful can result in so much.

In his eyes he was just an ordinary man. A man who loved his family, his adoring grandchildren, his wife and children. He loved them so unconditionally and so wholeheartedly that it was an absolute honour to be a part of his family. He loved his job, working with and meeting the hundreds of people that he had got to know over the years. He kept joking that he had been trying to retire for years. I doubt he’d ever done that.

Austin was no ordinary man.

He was extraordinary and he will be missed more than words can ever express.

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