Birdsong Communications is a boutique, creative, lateral thinking PR, marketing and event management consultancy with a wealth of experience across all sectors in Northern Ireland.


Belfast City Centre Management

“Birdsong has given Belfast City Centre Management an enthusiastic, creative and strategic approach from day one. Their excellent media contacts and ability to consistently get us top-billing in the Northern Ireland broadcast and daily media is second-to-none. The execution of our recent high profile campaign highlighting local Government’s need to address the issues facing Belfast City’s retail core, not only gave us blanket coverage, but it bolstered our profile with the media, stakeholders and our Chamber members as well as allowing us to secure a date with Government Ministers.”

Andrew Irvine, Belfast City Centre Manager


 Belfast Chamber of Trade and Commerce

I have had the pleasure of working with Angela for well over a year now, I have found her help and advice invaluable. She has an uncanny knack of being able to put a spin on items that ensures it gets the most media attention possible, she has helped me on numerous occasions to right speeches and coordinate events, I am very emotional about Belfast and would be quite vocal about it, Angela has managed to catch me in time to Kerb my emotions and tone down my responses. I genuinely hope to continue our working relationship into the future.

Joe Jordan, President, Belfast Chamber Trade and Commerce (2011-2013)


 John Minnis Estate Agents

“We are absolutely delighted to have employed the services of Birdsong Communications. Angela Hunter is a delight to work with; her energy and creative thinking know no bounds. Her ideas and “drop of a hat” ability to fit in with my busy diary is incredible.

Birdsong Communications with Angela at the helm is sure to be an industry leader in no time.

We have seen the results of Birdsong’s efforts already which were not expected for at least another four-five months.

 Angela is quite honestly a business woman with great integrity and a very pleasant nature – a lady I’m proud to have on my team!”

John Minnis, Director, John Minnis Estate Agents


Absolutely Barking

“I am absolutely astounded by the level and amount of coverage achieved, and the genuine stir Birdsong created for the launch of Absolutely Barking.
“The photography was second-to-none; the press release was worded and structured beautifully to capture the unique aspects of my salon that it caught the eye of the national press also.
“The PR strategy has helped my business enormously, and once the initial interest waned off, we thought the business would settle at our projected estimate, but week-by-week the business is growing.
“As we are now open over nearly three months we are starting to have return customers along with new customers and this is boosting our figures dramatically.”
Lisa Rea, Owner, Absolutely Barking.


Daily Mirror, Ireland

“Birdsong Communications is approaching PR in Northern Ireland like no other company, and I believe they are getting top results.

The country is inundated with PR companies and eager professionals keen –  sometimes desperate – to get their clients publicity, often without much success.

But at Birdsong, the approach is calm, considered and creative with none of the panic I so often associate with the world of PR.

Briefs are directed individually and on a careful time-span, tipping the balance on whether media outlets will bite and publish or broadcast.

For example, I have never in my 20 year career in journalism seen so much quality coverage given to a simple dog clipping service in Belfast – double page spreads in national newspapers, full page spreads in regionals, radio interviews and more over a series of weeks.

And it’s because the PR approach was not only clever but it was well executed and well timed, and Birdsong found the point of difference the company was offering and celebrated it. Birdsong transformed a common-or-garden service into a phenomenon thanks to the publicity garnered across the board.

This sort of success takes drive and personality, exactly what Birdsong offers, complete with know-how and imagination. This is a very good company that delivers consistently on promises without fuss or flap.”

Jilly Beattie, Features Editor, Daily Mirror,  Ireland.


Business Eye Magazine

 “I’ve worked with Angela Hunter since she established her own company, Birdsong Communications, and had also worked with her in the past. She is a highly competent PR professional, and one of the more innovative practitioners on the local scene. She is always prepared to adapt client stories to our requirements as a monthly magazine, and helps to make my job easier. This is not something that can be said of too many PR professionals with whom we deal on a regular basis.”

Richard Buckley, Editor & Publisher, Business Eye Magazine 







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